Klipsch R6 Review

Klipsch R6 Review


Hello this is Stefan with another review, this time I’m reviewing the klipsch r6 reference earbuds. Because these are reference earbuds they are not used usually for casual listening, they’re usually used for audio and video production.  Reference earbuds sound flat and someone would even say it’s sound kind of boring but that’s for good reason it’s of people using headphones get the best experience with their audio with that said let’s begin the review. Klipsch advertises that these earbuds are very comfortable and in my experience that is absolutely right, sometimes I forgot that I have them on, however sometimes when taking off after a long listening section they start to hurt my ears very slightly.

In the box these come with 1 year warranty, the manual, a carrying case, a variety of tips and the earbuds themselves. The earbuds have a long enough cords to be completely comfortable wherever you are. They have a tangle resistant cable that works most of the time, these earbuds also have a rugged yet stylish body . The earbuds have 6.5 mm drivers that produce extremely surprising amount of base in general . The ear tips mentioned earlier also give amazing seal they actually sound pretty well, however sometimes when playing music you can hear the cord moving around. The carrying case is extremely useful because you want to have some protection. These earbuds look good the matte black on them give them a formal look and angle tip gives extra comfort. The cable is two different colors on the front it’s a matte black and on the back it’s darker gray. There is no removable cable on these. Overall if you’re looking for budget earbuds with a little extra base I think these are the earbuds for you, they are portable, sleek, stylish and sound great . I hope you liked my Klipsch R6 Review.

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