Shure SE846 Review

Shure SE846 Review


Oh well a pair of earbuds for $1000 be ready to get some god questions for why you bought a pair of 1000 bucks.

Basically these earbuds have every accessories that you will need from a a pair of in-ear headphones. You will get several ear tips and a  carrying case to carry the headphones, adapters, two cable that have different length.  There is nothing else for you to buy you got everything. The build quality is great much better than other earbuds, there are no weak parts on them.  These fit perfectly in your ears. The isolation is unreal when you put them on you do not hear any external noise just the music that you’re playing, I don’t think there is this kind of isolation on any other pair of headphones. The shure se 846 are very comfortable, you can wear them for hours with no issues. These do not need an amp because you will likely damage your ears. The sound quality is absolutely superb. These worth the money if you love listening music and you want a great sound.  So if you have the money buy them. Hope you liked our article about shure se846 review.



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