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Sony MDRRF985RK RF Wireless Stereo Headphones + DB Tech Digital to Analog Audio Converter For TVs with a Digital Optical Output

Sony MDRRF985RK RF Wireless Stereo Headphones + DB Tech Digital to Analog Audio Converter For TVs with a Digital Optical OutputThe 40mm drivers and the ferrite magnets deliver powerful bass with a frequency response of 10-22000Hz. The noise reduction process is possible because the transmitter compresses the audio signal and converts it to RF signal, then the RF signal is decompressed to an audio signal. The radio frequency signals have a huge reception range ( up to 151ft), enabling listening pleasure even through walls to your favorite music. The rechargeable hydride battery lasts approx 26 hours when it’s fully charged and it recharges automatically when you put the headphones on base station, also it recharges really fast thanks to the electromagnetic induction in just three and a half hours. It also has the option to use AAA batteries. The sony over ear headphones are lightweight but durable and strong, and you can wear them for hours because they are easy to adjust, the headband is padded. The power and volume buttons are mounted on the headphones.


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Sony MDR-SA1000 DJ Stereo Headphones

Sony MDR-SA1000 DJ Stereo HeadphonesThe frame is designed specially to make these headphones super light weight. The frequency range is increased by using modern nanocomposite diaphragms. The Driver units are dome-type and have diameter of 50mm. The comfort is provided by an open air design which has leather ear pads and pressure dispersion pad. The neodymium magnets deliver powerful bass and clear treble sounds.I love these sony over ear headphones because they are lightweight and comfortable.



Sony MDR-XB300 Extra Bass Headphones (Old Version)

Sony MDR-XB300 Extra Bass Headphones (Old Version)The large 30mm extra bass diaphragm driver units reproduce the low frequency sound.The around ear circumaural design of the sony over ear headphones makes them super comfortable when listening to your music. The driver units are angle parralel to your ears to increase comfort and to reduce pressure. The flat cord minimizes tangles. The vibe structure deliver a high audio experience, and because they have a sealed acoustic design the sound isolation reproduces cristal clear sound.The sony MDR-XB300 over ear headphones has a frequency response from 5 to 22.000Hz. The earcups have 2.0 inches in thickness and around 4.3 inches in diameter. The padded headband is very comfortable.They are indeal for home listening or studio applications.



Sony MDRNC200D Digital Noise-Canceling Headphones (Discontinued by Manufacturer)

Sony MDRNC200D Digital Noise-Canceling Headphones (Discontinued by Manufacturer)The ambient noise is reduced by up to 98.2% with digital signal processing technology. It doesn’t if you’re in a train ,plane, or outside the sony’s artificial technology adjusts the headphones to the surroundings to deliver the best level of noise cacelling.The 40mm driver units deliver high quality audio a full digital amplification and high performance digital equalizer to deliver the best highs and lowest lows. The collapsible design makes these headphones perfect for travel and the feather soft ear cushions deliver the best best comfort. The AAA batteries last for about 22 hours for you to enjoy your favorite music. I love the headphones, they are comfortable and noise cancelling. I have already taken them on the plane and they worked great. I highly recommend them!

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